How Hackers Caused World’s Largest Meat Supplier To Shutdown


It is often that we get to hear about plotted cyberattacks on tech-based companies like software development firms or financial institutions like banks. But rarely do we get to hear about attacks on food companies and it seems like that rare gem has been found.¬†Brazilian company JBS, which happens to be one of the world’s biggest meat suppliers, unfortunately, fell victim to a coordinated hack. As reported by Bloomberg,¬†the attack was initially noticed on May 30th forcing JBS to reveal the situation to its staff via a memo on the 31st.

Many may wonder what the effects of breaching a meat supplier’s system would be but the hack has proven to be quite severe. As it stands, the hack has caused some of the largest slaughterhouses in the U.S. to shut down already alongside one in Canada.

According to the report, JBS responded by closing down its own IT systems in Australia and North America. Luckily, its backup servers seem to have remained intact. With this large-scale shutdown, it is clear that the company’s regular operations will remain in a dire situation.

The development was so huge that it caught the attention of the U.S. government’s attention. According to the White House, the attack was described as an action “from a criminal organisation likely based in Russia.”

No further details have been disclosed by JBS on whether the attack was conducted using ransomware uploaded on the firm’s systems.

This development does come a few weeks after Spanish delivery startup Glovo was also reported to have been breached by attackers who weren’t identified. So, it might feel like a stretch but maybe it’s time for companies across the world to start bracing themselves well against potential cyberattacks.

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