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TikTok To Submit Quarterly Reports To The ICT

TikTok Launches New Monetisation Program For Creators

The Kenyan government has introduced a new regulation that requires TikTok to provide quarterly reports on its activities. This means that TikTok will need to submit regular reports to the government to ensure compliance with the new regulation.

The Ministry of ICT has informed the National Assembly that TikTok will produce compliance reports every three months, outlining their efforts to combat obscene, sexual, and offensive content.

During a parliamentary session, John Tanui, the Principal Secretary for ICT, highlighted that the Kenyan government and the social media giant agreed to regulate the app last year. The Ministry believed that implementing regulation was a better approach than a complete ban on the app in Kenya. A ban would have negatively impacted young people, who primarily earned their income as influencers on the app. Moreover, the government aims to generate revenue from digital content creation, making regulation a more practical solution.

In August of last year, a petitioner named Bob Ndolo called on Kenyan members of parliament to ban the TikTok app due to what he perceived as “erosion of cultural and religious morals” in society. Later that same month, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew informed President William Ruto in a virtual meeting that the company is committed to moderating content to prevent hate speech, misinformation, and sexually explicit content.

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