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Trends In Kenya This Week: Curfew and Fake Friends with Azziad

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Another week and a lot is happening. Most notably the presidential announcement about curfew and a fake friends test with Azziad. Let’s see how it all went down.

Curfew Times and Azziad Trilogies

Earlier in the week, Azziad took to Twitter to tell her followers that they should test if their friends are real or fake. Here’s the video:

Azziad fake friends test

The test asks that if you want to know if your friends are real, you should test them by creating a fake scenario. The scenario should be of you in a really bad situation and seeing how many will really help you.

The video blew up and people had carried reactions to it.

Rolz queen has a point here. You might be in a problem but so could your friends. You could be expecting monetary help but all one can offer is their quality time.

This one had to be my favourite. This walk just kills it.


That one there was a violation, personally I wouldn’t have it.

This is your chance to text back that special someone.

What do you think?

Curfew Saga

Ask and you shall receive:

Over the last few weeks, Kenyans have been asking the president to open the country and they got the fruits of their labour. In brief:

  1. Restaurants and bars open until 7pm
  2. Hospital visits one person per day
  3. Religious institutions open to 1/3 of the congregation
  4. Curfew moved to 10pm
  5. Schools to reopen according to dates issued by Ministry of education. (May 10th)
  6. In-county Cessation of movements lifted.

Kenyans were a bit pleased but not all had the same response.

The preparations began early:

With the new regulations, what are your plans for the next few weeks?

Whatever that is, take care of yourself and think of others before you do anything.

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