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Fact Check: The Government is Not Giving Out IMF COVID Funds

IMF Loan

In recent days there has been quite the noise about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) granting Kenya and its government a loan. The discussions are mostly surrounding the notion that Kenyans do not want another loan. They base this on the fact that they believe the funds are not being handled well.

Despite this, the 225B shilling loan was granted anyway and now scam artists are at it again.

IMF Kenya Government Loan Scam

Based on the number of discussions on the matter, there was bound to be a scam looming and so it is. This new scam dubbed “7300 to all Kenyans” has been doing rounds on social media with a rather inviting message.

Ksh 7,300 to all Kenyans

The IMF has given the government KES 255B in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Register now and the cash will be sent to your account within 5 minutes. Click the link below to register. Only Kenyan citizens.

The scam suggests that if you register with them, you will get KES 7,300 in your M-Pesa account. Now as legitimate as it sounds… It’s all fake and don’t fall for this and any other scams. Here’s why:

  1. The site is not an official government site. As per the last scam articles, any site that is not an official company site cannot approve of any form of money to be given out.
  2. There is no information about this on the government’s social media pages or on national TV: When the government conducts anything, there will probably be an ad on social media or on mainstream media.
  3. The site has been disabled already: This shows that the site has been a scam all along.

We understand that these scams can be very inviting, especially at a time like this. But as we always say, these scams target your information and you trying them out and giving out vital information is a big risk. Stay safe and keep Gadgets Africa close as we will always alert you when y=we find a new scam.

You can also contact us on social media when and if you see another scam.

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