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Scam Alert: The Government of Kenya is Not Paying You To Do Surveys

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Image courtesy KSLTV
In recent weeks and months, we have taken the liberty to alert you on any scams that traverse the internet and today we are focussing one allegedly from the Government of Kenya GOK. The scam seeks to get users to answer a survey to improve the GOK services to the citizens.

GOK Scam Analysis

As we so often do it here, we like to analyse the scam and give you a breakdown of why we know it’s a fake. So we begin with the analysis;

The Scam Reads

Today, 29 March 2021, you have been chosen to participate in our survey. It will only take you a minute and you will receive a fantastic prize: Ksh 3,700 Mpesa Gift!

Each Monday we randomly choose 50 users to give them a chance to win amazing prizes. Today’s prize is a Ksh 3,700 Mpesa Gift! There will be 50 lucky winners.

This survey aims to improve the quality of service for our citizens and your participation will be rewarded 100%. You only have 4 minutes and 12 seconds, to answer this survey! Hurry up, the number of prizes available is limited!

 From here, the scam proceeds to ask you the survey questions regarding Kenya’s general state. And then for the final piece of the cake, they add comments of users who have done the survey and ‘got their money.

 To the common mwanachi, it looks pretty real and a good way to help your country move a step forward. Also, the free money is a bonus, especially during this time.

However, that is not the case. Let’s now see what makes this a scam.
Debunking the Scam
  1. First and foremost, this is not from the official GOK Website. There isn’t even an official website for the GOK thus making this a bit more suspicious.
  2. Very rarely will anyone pay you to do a survey when they can get all this information for free. If so, they would personally select people and not make it an online opportunity.
  3. The Facebook comments at the bottom are fake. This is just an image someone has created. Should you search for the users, you will probably not find them.
  4. The fact that you have to pick a box at the end to win money is also a dead giveaway.

Most of these scams are built to collect your information, like your number to send you promotional messages. Steer clear and stay safe. Don’t be fooled.

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