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Snapchat Testing New TikTok-like Duet Feature

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Snapchat is now testing a new feature called Remix that is said to look a lot like TikTok’s Duet. This new feature lets users reply to Snaps by recording their own Snaps. Users will be able to remix their friends’ stories and select various layouts to do so.

The feature is currently on an external beta test and was spotted by an app researcher. Users testing it at the moment can get to create a story and tag their friends to see how creative they can be.

Just like TikTok Duets, Snapchat users can post stories, and allow friends to Remix and share, then tag their friends and see who can remix their Snaps the best. There is a high possibility that this feature will be popular among the app’s users considering how much of a favourite Duets is.

Additionally, Remix lets users use either a side-by-side, a top or bottom or a picture-in-picture layout for recording their clips.

According to¬†TechCrunch, the feature may make it to other parts of the app, including the Spotlight feature. It also seems like Snapchat isn’t the only app working on such a feature. Instagram was also reported to be working on a similarly inspired function for Reels.

Snapchat has apparently been busy bringing in a couple of new features. This includes a new feature that allows creators to publicise their subscriber count if they wish to do so.

The platform is also looking to add music to compete with rivals like TikTok and Instagram that already support the feature.

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