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Facebook Stories Will Soon Be Riddled With Ads

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Facebook announced that it is testing new ways of monetising short-form video content. This is with the first move being enabling support for ads in stories on the platform.

This was made clear through a blog post by Yoav Arnstein, Director of Facebook App Monetisation.  In the post, Yoav states, “In the coming weeks, we’ll begin testing the ability for content creators to monetize their Facebook Stories with ads that look like stickers and receive a portion of the resulting revenue. While the initial test is small, we hope to soon expand to more content creators. And then broaden it to short-form videos on Facebook, eventually providing a way for content creators to monetize this popular content.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise as Facebook has been known to depend heavily on ads as a main source of revenue. However, there is no doubt that no one ever wants to be swiping through pictures and memes and seeing an unwanted ad in between.

The stories format still continues to prove itself as resilient enough to appear on multiple platforms. This includes Twitter and LinkedIn who were among the latest to bring in the feature.

The Zuckerberg-owned social network also aims to have this new mode of monetisation help creators. Now, content creators can have ads placed in videos that are one minute or more rather than needing to be three minutes or longer.

Creators should know that there are strings attached to this though. To be part of this expanded partnership, they must have t least 600,000 minutes viewed in the last 30 days from a video. The video can be a live stream, on-demand or otherwise. They must also have five active and uploaded videos at the time of application.

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