Kenyan Mobile Game Company Launches New Learning Games For Pupils

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Kenyan mobile game developer, Usiku Games, has unveiled games to help primary school students improve their learning skills, especially in Mathematics and English.

The new games are under one platform dubbed Tizi Games designed to entertain as well as educate young learners in the country. Each game on the service is built around a particular subject based on the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) developed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

Jay Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Usiku Games, noted that Tizi Games is built to help improve children’s skills in memory, concentration and knowledge development.

“At Usiku Games, we create, design, and produce edutainment content to help today’s children to learn in ways that are fun and resonate with them. We’ve specialized in developing games that will improve skills, focus and cognitive reasoning. Our games are designed to be easy to learn, but still challenging and fun,” said Shapiro.

Children who subscribe to the platform will be presented with a collection of fun games each week. These games are tailored to match their grade level and what they learned in school throughout the week.

“The words, math, and lessons taught through each game directly support and reinforce what the students have been taught in class that week. Each game dynamically pulls in content to match the grade level and classroom curriculum based on what week of the year it is. In this way, studying and improving class scores need no longer be a chore, but something fun that children enjoy playing,” Mr Shapiro added.

Like the new curriculum, Tizi Games is intended to encourage imagination, creativity and critical thinking among children. The interactive games are aimed at creating chances for problem-solving, reinforcing the cognitive abilities of the student.

The use of games for learning purposes is a concept that has been proven to be quite effective for young students. This was revealed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), indicating that this learning method is a core part of the educational landscape.

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