These Kenyan-Made Games Are Now Free For All Confined At Home

Usiku Games
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Kenya’s mobile games developer, Usiku Games, will be opening the platforms, allowing players to play their games at no charge whatsoever. The offer, according to the firm is in order to help players kill boredom during the coronavirus lockdown.

The company announced that gamers would no longer be required to pay the usual KES 10 (for 1000 digital coins) to access the games. Usiku Games’ founder and CEO, Jay Shapiro, confirmed this saying that it will allow users especially kids to easily practise social distancing as recommended by the government and WHO.

“We know that many families are going to be stuck indoors for a while, with children home from school and offices closed. That will almost certainly lead to boredom and anxiety. Our made-in-Kenya games have all been designed to entertain via our smartphones.”

The offer is also set to target family gamers as the platform offers non-violent and educative entertainment. The games built by the company promote Kenyan cultures as well as the Swahili language.

The four games include:

  • Jam Noma – Drive your matatu out of traffic
  • Okoa Simba – Rescue the lion by matching pairs of animals;
  • Mamma Mboga – Slice the fruits and Vegetables before the fall
  • Age of Asante – Match the tiles and find your Zen.

The game company also introduced a new game recently dubbed Maasai Mkali: Mario & Luigi’s Maasai CousinIt is basically all about a Moran (Maasai warrior) going up against cows, red bulls and witch doctors.

Usiku Games currently runs as the first game developer to do so, shortly after international companies ran the same offers as well. 

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