How Much It Costs to Stream Music In Kenya: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, BoomPlay

Music Streaming

Streaming looks to be a very common thing in Kenya nowadays with people getting more and more comfortable with the likes of Netflix and Showmax. The same notion is moving to the music world with more streaming platforms launching in Kenya. Now that Spotify is among us, it’s about time we did a price comparison of the most popular music streaming platforms in Kenya.

Music Streaming Platforms Prices in Kenya


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  1. Individuals Plan: KES 327
  2. Family package, with up to six members: KES 547
  3. University Students in Kenya: KES 163

*These prices may vary from time to time as they reflect according to how the dollar changes.

Positive note, if you are a new user, you get your first six months free, then you may decide whether or not to keep the package.

Spotify Premium Prices

Premium Student

Spotify just launched in Kenya and every plan comes with a month free for you to test if this is your new home

  • Individual Plan: Ksh 299
  • Spotify Offers a Duo Plan for couples that costs KES 389 for two accounts.
  • It also has a Family Plan that costs KES 479 allowing up to 6 accounts
  • The Student Plan costs KES 149 allowing only 1 account. This is a special discount for eligible students in university and even has prepaid options.
Deezer Prices
Get Your Music on Deezer | Tunecore

Deezer essentially has two plans

  • Individual Plan: KES 327
  • Family Plan: KES 547

Visual Identity Guide - Boomplay Music

BoomPlay has 3 subscriptions each with a month free subscription:

  • Google Play Subscription plan: Costs KES 199 per month
  • Boom coins: Costs 199 coins, equivalent to KES 199
  • Flutterwave Plan: KES 199, the first month costs 1 bob though

Lady Jaydee

For those who use Mdundo, it costs KES 100 per month. It does not seem to have different subscription plans.

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