How To Transfer Your Playlist From Other Music Streaming Platforms To Spotify

Transfer Music Playlist

I have been on Spotify for a little over 8 hrs now and I think I’ll be switching from Apple Music. There are a few things that I will miss from Apple Music but maybe we’ll talk about that later. Now let’s talk about playlists. I’ve liked and downloaded a lot of songs on Apple music over the last few years not to mention making a number of playlists. I would not like to lose any playlist I have made and I’m happy I can now transfer them over to Spotify.

Transfer Music and Playlist

For those who appreciate a good mix of music, you know how much it takes to curate the perfect playlist. Be it for parties, trips or just chill times, it can take a while. Now that many of us are switching platforms, it’d be a waste if we lost out on that. Well, you do not have to.

Thanks to the guys over at Tune My Music, you can easily transfer your playlist over to your preferred music streaming platform.

How To Transfer
  1. Visit this link: Transfer Playlists Between Music Services | Tune My Music
  2. Select your current streaming platform. In my case Apple Music
  3. Sign in to your account
  4. Select the songs and playlists you want to transfer (You can choose them all, as log as they are all on the other platform as well.)
  5. Chose the platform you are moving to. In my case, Spotify
  6. Sign In to your new account
  7. Sit back and watch the music move from platform to platform

Once it is done, close the new platform (Spotify), and reopen it. Your playlists and songs should be under albums. Tune my music also provides a sync option. This means that if you are still using your previous platform, you can sync daily or weekly to the new platform.

Try it and tell us if it works.

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