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Smart Kitchen Appliances Contributing to The Growth of Smart Homes

Smart Kitchen Appliances Contributing to The Growth of Smart Homes

With the growth of the Internet of Items (IoT), smart technology is permeating many aspects of daily life, including things like smart toys for kids. In many homes, kitchen equipment like refrigerators and ovens are among the most technologically sophisticated devices. 

The market worth of smart kitchen appliances in 2021 was USD 30 billion and will be worth USD 138.22 billion by 2030, growing at an 18.5% CAGR during 2021-2030.

Smart kitchen equipment eliminates boring routine labour and makes them easier to operate. For improved functionality and a more engaging experience, these appliances, like other smart technologies, are integrated with sensor technology, computing power, one or more actuators, and communication capabilities like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

There are plenty of kitchen technologies that are incorporated into the smart kitchen.

Better food recognition

The foundation of the intelligent kitchen is in the ability of the appliances to recognize the food we put into them. This food-detecting technology was first introduced in the June Oven and, more recently, in the Whirlpool WLabs Smart Oven. Baking, roasting, and even dehydrating become far more manageable with it.

The ability to recognize food must improve before expanding to more full-size refrigerators and ovens. Bosch’s refrigerator, which labels and tracks food, and GE’s Next Gen Kitchen Hub, which keeps an eye on the stovetop and alerts when food is done, are among the newly introduced concepts.

Smarter small appliances

Companies have worked hard to bring smarts such as voice control to major appliances, while tiny appliances are falling behind. There are a few smart coffee makers available, like an Instant Pot with Wi-Fi is available, but most small appliances can only be enhanced with a smart plug for simple on/off management.

Smart countertop ovens are the only smart small appliances that have shown promise. A smarter kitchen needs to have equipment of various sizes, including toasters, coffee makers, and blenders.

Efficient kitchen apps

There are a ton of kitchen applications available. The majority are apps for recipe tracking or operating smart big equipment. Many manage to connect to Alexa or Google Assistant in some way. There are apps for ordering groceries from various delivery services, including ordering directly from the Family Hub fridge screen.

A more simplified approach with broader alliances could result in a one-stop shop for EVERYTHING. Applications that manage an oven, apps that order groceries, and apps that display recipes are separate. Chefling and Drop are the greatest attempts; each combines shopping lists and recipes with the ability to operate a variety of smart appliance manufacturers.

Smart Kitchen Appliances: growing demand

Another area of the automation industry that has grown rapidly in recent years is smart kitchen appliances. In North America, “the demand for smart consumer products, especially smart kitchen equipment, is booming as a result of the rising disposable income and better individual lifestyle,” according to a recent release. High-net-worth individuals are buying more smart appliances in Canada as part of smart house or home automation activities, which is another growing trend.

There is already an Alexa-enabled coffee maker, a Google-enabled oven that can be asked for a pre-heat cycle, an LG dishwasher that can contact support to identify a problem, and smart countertop ovens that can order their food. Finding a new TV on the market without Wi-Fi and integrated streaming is difficult. Soon, it will be difficult to find a new major appliance that does not include Wi-Fi with the advent of new smart kitchen appliances.

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  1. All of these products have amazing features that make cooking super easy and save time for women who can go shopping and play flappy bird with their kids.

  2. Never thought that would be such an amazing when you control your kitchen appliances from your mobile. I can turn on my oven from my mobile phone and turn it off when I want to nyt digits.

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