Telegram is Now Borrowing Some Features From WhatsApp

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It is no news by now that WhatsApp has been buried in controversy ever since it announced its new privacy policy updates earlier this year. Telegram, which is currently one of WhatsApp’s biggest rivals, has been benefitting a lot from this turn of events with a massive surge in downloads and usage.

Telegram already offers a number of enjoyable and user-friendly features and is looking to add even more. As reported by TestingCatalog, the latest Telegram beta for Android adds several useful features, which are likely to make their way to the full version soon.

Telegram Beta v7.5 brings in QR codes for joining groups, which makes it possible to invite users by simply scanning them. Users will also be able to make invite links expire after a certain time period or after they have been used a certain number of times.

If you have the latest beta version of the app on your phone, you will be able to invite users by QR codes and manage invite links by heading over to Group Settings in the app.

Additionally, the latest beta makes it easier to report content in groups or channels to Telegram moderators. Other than spam, you can now report posts for violence, child abuse, pornography, or “other”. Another new feature is the ability to report multiple messages at once.

There are also two additional widgets that will be used to display tiny previews of your preferred chats and channels. While the widgets are automatically populated with your most recent chats by default, you can select your own preferred chats when you add them to your home screen.

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