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Instagram Makes Changes To Discourage Users From Reposting TikTok Videos

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The rivalry between short clip platforms has never been as stiff but it now seems like Instagram is willing to take it to another level. The Facebook-owned network announced that it will stop recommending videos with logos of other apps including TikTok. This is so that Reels can get a chance to be fully promoted.

As reported first by¬†The Verge, the company published a number of its new guidelines that are meant to help creators get the best results possible on the platform. The tips, posted on Instagram’s creators’ account, suggested video-makers users the vertical format as well as the app’s own audio library and start a replicable trend.

Instagram also recommends that creators don’t post clips with low resolution or visibly recycled content with watermarks from other apps.

Of course, it is reasonable to see why Instagram would want its own product treated as a priority and not second fiddle to other apps. But it can also be seen as unfair as not all creators will make the effort to recreate the same content for different platforms. Besides, it might be even harder for rookies to start out by buying apps that let them make videos without any watermark.

As much as some may recommend that creators start with Reels, it is highly possible that there are effects you will not find on Instagram’s own camera. This might end up with video makers putting more effort to keep all this in mind rather than focusing on the task at hand, the content.

Reels has been here for a few months as it was released in August last year as a rival to the ever-growing TikTok. Despite the huge competition, it is fair to say that Reels was the first competitor to get close to what TikTok has had. This is mostly because the platform was integrated as a feature on Instagram rather than being a standalone app.

Nevertheless, no one has still reached the heights of TikTok in popularity across the globe.

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