Some Samsung Galaxy S21 Units May Come Without a Charger – Report


It now seems like everything that Apple does will always be a trendsetter to the rest of the firms in the tech industry. Reports now claim that Samsung will ship the upcoming Galaxy S21 family without chargers after all, well, at least in some regions.

This was reported by Technoblog, stating that the devices have already been certified as Galaxy S21 (SM-G991B/DS), Galaxy S21+ (SM-G996B/DS), and Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998/DS).

There is no doubt that this, if true, will have been influenced by the iPhone-maker that surprised users across the world with the decision of not including accessories in the package. However, Apple went out to explain that environmental conservation was the reason behind this as many Apple consumers already have accessories that would still work with the iPhone 12 lineup.

As it seems, Samsung will now follow suit but in some regions. Ironically, these reports come shortly after Samsung itself made teased Apple for deciding to remove chargers from the box.


The Galaxy S21 series is expected to launch mid-January 2021 with a lot of features borrowed from the recently launched Note 20 family. This means the devices will be launching about six weeks earlier than usual as they normally launch towards the end of February.

As always when it comes to upcoming devices, there have been lots of rumours and leaks around the S21 lineup. Most of the allegedly leaked images show the phones bearing a camera module quite similar to the Note 20 as well the same hole-punch camera. Of course, the design is pretty sleek as the S family always is.

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