Safaricom Will “Pay” You To Listen To Ads On Skiza Tunes

Safaricom Skiza

It looks like Safaricom is still in the celebration phase of their 20-year-old achievements. In an attempt to support those in the SME sector, Safaricom has today announced the launch of a new Skiza Advertising platform.

Safaricom Skiza Tune Advertising

Adverts will be served at random to enrolled customers across the country. Here’s how to enrol. Customers will

  1. Subscribe to the service by dialling *897# to enrol
  2. Here you will hear adverts in place of the ringing tone as they wait for the customer they are calling to pick up.
  3. If you enrol you will receive free 5 MB data or free 1-minute for adverts you listen too

Operators - Adtones

There’s a catch though, you have to listen to 3 adverts at least 6 seconds long each. How will you get the rewards? Well, you will need to dial *897# to view their accumulated resources. Here you can either redeem them for data or minutes, both with no expiry.

The accumulated minutes and data are valid until the first day of every month and once redeemed assume a no-expiry validity on the customer’s line. You can decide to leave at any time using the code. Fortunately, no matter what time you unsubscribe, the data or minutes you have will be valid till the first day of the following month.

A lot of SME’s are trying to push through and recover from a rather staggering year. That’s why the Telco is introducing the product now. Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom notes what the product means to them and their partners

“The Skiza Ad Service is an exciting innovation that seeks to provide an excellent platform for businesses across the country. We aim to do this by better connecting them with customers and equally taking advantage of our wide reach.  The platform will deliver to our customers even more value through free data and minutes whenever they enrol and listen to advertisements.”

The service is offered in partnership with Adtones, who will provide the ad-serving platform and on-board advertisers. Businesses and other advertisers can place their adverts on the service by writing to AdTones.

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