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Here’s A List of Home Insurance Plans in Kenya

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Getting home insurance is the difference between someone who loses it all and has nothing and someone who has something to fall back on. In this article, we will talk about a few of the Home insurance packages you will run into in Kenya.

But first, what does it mean to get home insurance? What does it cover, and what does it exclude? Well, as is for most insurance companies and packages, here’s what you expect to be insured at a domestic level. The terms may change depending on what package you sign up for, but these should be the bare minimum.

Household Goods Insured
  • Furniture, fixtures, fittings, clothing, cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment, entertainment equipment, refrigerators, and televisions.
  • Jewellery, laptops & computers, tablets, cameras, wristwatches, mobile phones and all other portable electronic items, pedal cycles.
Excluded from the cover:
  • Documents of all kinds: Deeds, bonds, promissory notes,  securities for money, stamps and manuscripts,.
  • Cheques, bills of exchange, cash, currency notes and coins.
  • Motor vehicles and accessories
  • Livestock
  • Medals
  • Any part of the structure or ceilings of the buildings, wallpapers and the like or external television and radio antennae, aerial fittings, masts and towers.
Causes of damage accepted:
  • Natural Causes: Fire, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake or volcanic eruption or subterranean/underground fire, subsidence or landslip.
  • Explosions
  • Riots and strikes
  • Falling Trees
  • The collision with the building by aircraft and other vehicles
  • Strong winds
  • Theft

Let’s take a look at some of the packages offered:

Safaricom Home Insurance Plan

The Telco is in conjunction with Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya and is offering an annual home insurance package. This offer extends only to Safaricom Home Fibre customers with and you can pay for your premiums monthly.

You may subscribe to the Service by Dialing *400#, selecting “Home Insurance” and following the steps.


Hero Plus:

  • Sum Insured; KES 250,000
  • Cost, KES 3,000 annually or KES 250, monthly

Pro Guard:

  • Sum Insured: KES 500,000
  • Cost KES 5,700 annually or KES 475 monthly

Fortified Guard

  • Sum insured: KES 1,000,000
  • Cost, KES 16,200 annually or KES 1,350 monthly

You may read more about the terms here

Housing Finance Group

Home insurance under Housing Finance cover comes in two parts – buildings insurance and contents insurance. Buildings cover insures your bricks and mortar while contents cover could protect your belongings.


  • Duly completed and signed proposal form
  • Company certificate of registration
  • PIN certificate for the company
  • List, names and location of the items insured
  • Schedule the contents and their values to be insured.
  • Serial numbers of the items insured.
  • For buildings, the Location of the structure i.e. Land Reference Number(LRNO)

Read more here

Heritage Insurance

Their package cover is designed especially for your residence. The policy includes your personal liability either as an owner or an occupier of the premises to third parties. It also extends to damage to third-party property or death/injury to third parties arising from your use of the premises.

The package requires you to fill a proposal form with all the details required to get the insurance cover.

Insurance Guru

Here, home insurance covers against loss if said home/building is damaged due to the perils noted above. It costs about KES 5,000 to 10,000 to get cover for contents valued at KES 500,000.

Should your building be valued at 20,000,000, you can expect an annual cost of KES 20,000.

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