Why Safaricom Changed its Tagline from Twaweza to “For You”

Safaricom For You

A while ago, Safaricom made the move to their tagline from ‘Twaweza’ to ‘For You’. If you are like me you must be wondering why. Speaking to Safaricom representatives, this is what they had to say about their changes.

First of All, Why Twaweza?

Safaricom notes that the spirit of #Twaweza is so many things but ultimately it is a mindset. The Telco says that it is continually looking at positive ways to overcome the hurdles of life or to make the next great step towards future breakthroughs.

It requires many things – passion, time, effort and people. Get all of those together and you have a start point.

From a consumer standpoint, it mainly felt like a reach from Safaricom trying to come down t a Mwananchi position. Trying to make their big-name a common household name.

Moving Over to Safaricom For You

Safaricom For You

The Telco says that this move articulates their commitment to the needs of their customers. Now that they already ‘for lack of a better word, Twawezad with you, they want to be and work ‘For You’. Below are the changes the company has made to make the transition seem worthwhile for you.

Safaricom For You

Their change includes the commitment to serve others, welcome new customers and reorganizing shops across the country to provide a personalized experience.

What do you think of the change? Is it something you consider worthwhile? Did you note any change?

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