Here’s How Safaricom looks To Rid Kenya of E-Waste

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Today is the International E-Waste Day and Safaricom has announced that it will work with partners and regulators to support the informal sector in e-waste management.

Safaricom E-Waste Management Plans

Through the programme, the telco aims to create a sustainable business model. This will create employment opportunities and link the sector to potential markets for their products.

The programme will also see the telco work with regulators to support the licensing of informal sector players. All to increase their capacity and foster transparency in their waste management operations.

“As part of our integrated waste management programme we have collected over 1,200 tonnes of e-waste. We are working in partnership with the

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre in Nairobi
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Communications Authority and the National Environment Management Authority. 

We now want to encourage and promote wider participation from multiple stakeholders in the e-waste management process”, said Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom.

As part of the programme 100-waste handlers and 15 electronic repairers will be trained on various best practices. Eventually licensed by NEMA.

The programme will also aim to improve the health and safety practices among informal workers in the sector.

E-Waste Monitor

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor report 2020, a record 53.6 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019 alone. Up 21 per cent in just five years.

The report predicts global e-waste will reach 74 metric tonnes by 2030. This makes e-waste the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream, fueled mainly by higher consumption rates of electric and electronic equipment, short life cycles, and few options for repair.

This is probably why the iPhone 12 will not be shipping with chargers in the box. Safaricom also notes that they are still collecting old smartphones in a bid to fight the E-Waste menace.

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  1. Hallo. I would like to know if you usually dispose e waste to licenced e waste collectors.
    i work for a company in Nairobi that does e waste collections and we would like to partner with you. Thank you

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