PlayStation 5 Launch Date and Price Finally Revealed

PlayStation 5
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The PlayStation 5 was revealed about two months ago and all gamers have been talking about since then has been the price. It is quite clear that the console wars this year will be tougher than we’ve ever seen.

This is mostly owed to the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox went all out with some of the lowest prices especially for a brand of its reputation.

So after a couple of video game trailers, we were lucky enough to have Sony reveal that the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be retailing for $399 (KES 40,000). The main version of the console will obviously cost more going for $499 (50,000). This could mean that the console will probably sell for around KES 60,000 once it ships to Kenya.

playstation 5

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Both consoles will launch November 12th globally, so Kenyan gamers should wait a couple of weeks after that to finally see it in local stores.

Nothing much was revealed about the consoles including the size or even the interface which would have been exciting. But it’s clear that both consoles are quite big and scream uniqueness in every way.

One other thing revealed was the PlayStation Plus package that will be a cloud service with a number of PS4 games compatible on the PS5.

It will now be interesting to see what gamers choose to go for come the holiday season this year. It is clear that Xbox has been out to outprice its rival after so many years of being the second-best when it comes to global sales. However, the similarity in prices will finally see the battle go forth to specifications and video games.

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