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DStv Makes Significant Changes To SuperSport Channels


Today, SuperSport has announced a revolutionary change to its sports channels on DStv. The platform is launching a new lineup of channels across its bouquets from Access to Premium.

For instance, DStv Channel 203 has always been an ‘English Premier league channel. Showing nothing but PL News, documentaries updates and games. However, now it looks like SuperSport is streamlining most of the other channels too.

DStv Channels: Supersport Changes

After two decades of a similar numbering system for its channels, SuperSport is finally turning over a new leaf. The platform has dropped the numbering system and is replacing it with channels representing individual sports.

Here’s what SuperSport had to say:

“From September 1, SuperSport viewers on DStv will be able to enjoy specially dedicated channels for leagues and sports. Among them includes the PSL, the Premier League, La Liga, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport and several others. They will all now have a home to call their own.”

New channels include:

  1. SuperSport Grandstand, a “flagship channel”. It will host the best of any live curated sport available to DStv Premium customers at any one time. This includes soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, and tennis. It will be immediately after Blitz, Channel 200.
  2. ESPN and ESPN 2, on channels 218 and 219.
  3. 211- Rugby
  4. 212-Cricket
  5. 213-Golf
  6. 214-Tennis
  7. 215-F1
  8. 236-WWE

“The changes will mean that additional SuperSport channels of local and international sporting content will be added to the DStv package.”

Each channel will have it’s own dedicated content unless specified otherwise.  Here is is the full SuperSport channel lineup:

DSTV Channels Supersport

You can also expect a change in the packages and bouquets. Below is the availability across DStv packages:

DSTV Channels Supersport

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  1. I think you take ure customers for granted. Its time you respected your clients. Being a premium client for over 10 years I feel like a Clint on compact. The benefit of premium doesn’t stand out. We in my house are installing fibre so that we are given some recognition.
    Asante sana.

  2. You do not understand you clients. Do some research and you will realize that you have taken you customers for granted.

  3. A step in the wrong direction… Expect a mass exodus too. Very high prices but little and repetitive content.

    Kwaheri Multi choice!

  4. Kwese tosha!!


  5. Expensive for nothing. I would advise you to lower your prices ASAP. We are now able to stream matches via Wi-Fi which is 8 times cheaper. Soon technology will knock you to the streets. Even your movies are too repetitive.
    Useless move

  6. Dstv are inhuman. Android TV is the way to go

  7. Please i wish u could change what doing on payment.To pay what you watch most time u repeat things

  8. Expect downfall

  9. I would rather pay for Bein sport that wasting time on money grabbers! Fake DSTV !!!!!!!

  10. Cut prices or allow customers to pay for what watch most

  11. Its the beginning of DSTV’s down fall, so disappointing.

  12. It bad on them to concentrate highly on increase on payment instead of human satisfaction.everything should reverse back to old method where 1900 subscription can enjoy WWE, one live match and other benefits.

  13. Useless repetitive content..av installed fibre.
    Live stream and Netflix hatasumbuani.
    Bure Dstv

  14. DSTV charges are outrageous with programs not useful. Your repetitions are too much. I’m thinking of backing out. These new channels you are adding not many Africans watch them. I’m sure with these additions the prices will go high. I was on compact plus but due to the hike in prices I have come down to compact. I will soon fall out.

  15. This is not dstv,go to tweeter and let’s all complain there

  16. Instead of doing all this upgrades at your customers cost,you should have introduced a package where your pay what to watch.Android TV is now streaming all this sport’s at a cheaper cost.I don’t see DSTV staying in this business for long if you go that direction.

  17. We will rather go to football watching centre to pay few amount to watch rather than to sit home and subscribe huge amount to watch repetition programs

  18. Watching and pay through your only on what you watch make more sense. As in pay as you go!!!

  19. Nigeria youths league have concluded on how to plan and drive DSTV out of Nigeria. They don’t even have sympathy on common citizens, despite partial lockdown that people are not working they still went ahead n increase their prices with almost 35% can they try such in their country. If they really want to stay, pay as u go and pay according to channels u want to watch is what we want.


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  21. Not cool???. But its true?

  22. Guys lets go to Twitter

  23. The only thing that they can do is to add cost everyday, very disappointed by multichoice. You either reduce the cost or it’s Good-by multichoice

  24. Useless move and being insenstive .

  25. These guys seem not to understand their audience in most cases.
    I moved to another brand because of their inclined minds thinking Gotv is for Nigerians only.
    First of all, MTV Base plays 90% Nigerian music which I understood at first but then the so-called Afro Music Pop channel came with 99.9% Nigerian music yet they claim it is an African channel!
    I started thinking, according to Gotv, these are local channels (Nigerian channels actually) yet later I discovered they are intended for the whole continent of Africa. This drove me away from Gotv, my favourite and bought myself another brand of decoder.

    Lately, I have discovered they have made changes whereby Afro Pop now plays music from across many African countries but of course with some dominance of their favourite Nigerian audence but it is better now.
    I noted this change as I was checking on my decoder that had spent months without subscription.

    All in all, these good for nothing giants of Tv entertainment (MultiChoice) need to focus and rebrand what they show on international channels of Gotv not limiting to particular countries.
    otherwise for now, I may stay if they continue improving their broadcasts. I acknowledge that Nigerians are a level apart in music industry abd Multichoice reaps big from them but as long as the decoder is for the continent, work on the continental channels.

    Guys I thought there kids channels on Gotv and they are quite many for one decoder but why has Mnet Movies channel sworn to dedicate its entertainment for kids almost half time of the entire day? I understand children are home during this lockdown but please play serious movies and let adults have a right to these channel. Kids have their channels, allocation of time of watching should be left for parents and their children but not encroaching on our channels. Some of us have more than one decoder so kids have their own watchig rooms.

    Umn…before I end, why is loca sport on supersport select limited local leagues from South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and a few others?
    Please do something so that we can also follow our own leagues in countries like Kenya, Uganda etc.

    Make sure you pay me for my advice… kidding. I rest my case.

  26. We loved what Dstv offere us but now you crossed the line .You can only send us notification when we have to pay.Me and my family we payed for compact only UFC

  27. I don’t understand this nonsense, amon compact package where the hell are my supersports 3, 7, and 8, channels?

  28. Whomever pioneered the changes must study audience first .This move will surely lead to the downfall of multichoice

  29. I just miss the names Supersport 3, 7 and 8. Now it’s looking more like childs play. And comeone Dstv Premium is way overrated

  30. Dstv bad to worst, and we pay far to. Much

  31. This change will probably lost you customers.
    Like, where on earth will we watch EPL freely, with no stress of looking for the channels?

    This is one of the worst decisions you’ve ever made, if you made such in the past.

    #Total_Waste ?

  32. so unfortunate that amidst Covid-19 you still manage to increase the subscription prices and on top of that make changes on the channel lists. That’s the challenge of having only one service provider for relevant sports otherwise, we wouldn’t be paying all this huge amounts

  33. This is where government should mandate dstv or rather force them to bring down the price or they leave the country enough is enough.

  34. Your changes in labeling Golf, Tennis, etc. is good.
    What I don’t understand is the fact I receive nothing from channel 198 until I get to ESPN on channel 218. You list above the golf channel on 213. I get the gold channel on 233. Why are channels 200-218 blank?

  35. I agree. We’d rather stream stuff.They absolutely don’t have their clients interests at heart

  36. What is the purpose of paying compact plus yet I can down grade and watch every football action on compact

  37. Why are channels 200-218 blank?

  38. 223,224,228

  39. To much of smthng is poisonous so ur ever rising prices we as well lead to ur downfall the world is nw digital so dnt think pple rly on dstv only hahaha ur going dwn

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