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DStv Makes Significant Changes To SuperSport Channels


Today, SuperSport has announced a revolutionary change to its sports channels on DStv. The platform is launching a new lineup of channels across its bouquets from Access to Premium.

For instance, DStv Channel 203 has always been an ‘English Premier league channel. Showing nothing but PL News, documentaries updates and games. However, now it looks like SuperSport is streamlining most of the other channels too.

DStv Channels: Supersport Changes

After two decades of a similar numbering system for its channels, SuperSport is finally turning over a new leaf. The platform has dropped the numbering system and is replacing it with channels representing individual sports.

Here’s what SuperSport had to say:

“From September 1, SuperSport viewers on DStv will be able to enjoy specially dedicated channels for leagues and sports. Among them includes the PSL, the Premier League, La Liga, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport and several others. They will all now have a home to call their own.”

New channels include:

  1. SuperSport Grandstand, a “flagship channel”. It will host the best of any live curated sport available to DStv Premium customers at any one time. This includes soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, and tennis. It will be immediately after Blitz, Channel 200.
  2. ESPN and ESPN 2, on channels 218 and 219.
  3. 211- Rugby
  4. 212-Cricket
  5. 213-Golf
  6. 214-Tennis
  7. 215-F1
  8. 236-WWE

“The changes will mean that additional SuperSport channels of local and international sporting content will be added to the DStv package.”

Each channel will have it’s own dedicated content unless specified otherwise.  Here is is the full SuperSport channel lineup:

DSTV Channels Supersport

You can also expect a change in the packages and bouquets. Below is the availability across DStv packages:

DSTV Channels Supersport

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