WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Mute Chats Forever


We all have those annoying WhatsApp groups that we just want to leave but can’t. All we end up doing is muting them for a year and have to do it once the year is done. Well, you might soon be able to mute those chats forever.

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The Facebook-owned messenger seems to be testing an “Always Muted” option for chats. This was spotted by WABetaInfo that reports the feature is still in development. However, the feature will likely replace the “1-year” option which WhatsApp currently gives to users.

Currently, WhatsApp lets users mute chats for eight hours, a week or a year. All these options, unfortunately, leave a gap for certain chats where you need to be, but don’t necessarily have to follow the full discussion.

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So, you might just be lucky enough to ignore that annoying group you are in without having to leave.

This new option could come as part of a future update that’s set to have lots of other new features. This includes the new interface that will let users have the same account on different phones. 

This would make WhatsApp more cloud-based like its rival Telegram that can be used on multiple devices.

To have your account on a non-primary device, users will receive a security notification in order to keep messages secure. This will really come in handy for those who have to use two devices like a smartphone and a tablet. Hopefully, this will be rolled out soon to let users switch between devices seamlessly without having to depend on one device.

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