Safaricom Could Soon Be Introducing Smartphone Contracts Plans

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Safaricom is Kenya’s largest Telco and with that comes a lot of pressure to provide quality services to customers. One thing many Kenyans have been asking for is cheaper ways to own phones or own phones by the ‘contract’. Well, it looks like Safaricom will be launching a new service based on contact plans linked to PostPay services.

Safaricom Contract Plans

As confirmed to Gadgets Africa by Sylvia Mulinge, the Chief Customer Officer at Safaricom, the telco will be introducing smartphone contract plans in 3 months. She notes that these plans will be attached to the Postpay Package launched a few months ago.

We already spoke about the PostPay service and what it means for Kenyans. Traditionally, PostPay has always been thought to be an exclusive class for business professionals snd the same goes for owning a flagship phone.

Following this move to try and bridge this gap, Safaricom now offers a Lipa Mdogo Mdogo model. It gives subscribers the opportunity to own budget phones for as low as 20bob.

With these kinds of prospects in mind, we can assume that it will not be hard for the telco to initialize contract plans on both mid-range and flagship phones.

There’s not a lot of information based on the contracts as of yet but knowing the company we can speculate. Since it will be attached to PostPay, the contract will probably have data bundles and voice bundles as well.

We initially had a similar prospect from Samsung. The subscription service, Samsung Access For Mobile, lets customers grab any of the Galaxy S20 smartphones for as low $37 as (KES 4,000) payable every month.

Their service also bundles Samsung Premium Care which gives extended warranty. It also offers free repairs for both mechanical and accidental damages to the phone.

However, this is yet to be in Kenya. Maybe we will get similar attributes in the Safaricom contract plans.

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