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Here’s How To Pin Comments on Your Instagram Posts

Image courtesy The Verge

After a successful test program, Instagram has now started rolling out pinned comments to users globally. The photo-sharing platform announced the official roll out this week on Twitter with tips on how to do so.

“That means you can pin a few comments to the top of your feed post and better manage the conversation,” the tweet said, encouraging users to choose up to three comments to highlight.

To pin the favourite comments on one’s posts, all you have to do is:

  1. Tap on your post’s comments section.
  2. Swipe left on one remark (just as you would when replying, reporting, or deleting).
  3. Tap the “pin” icon.
  4. Tap “Pin Comment” button on the pop-up to confirm.

The comment will then be marked with a pin icon beside it.

This new feature would be seen as an effort by Instagram to make people focus more on the positive comments on posts rather than the negative ones.

This comes about two months after Instagram unveiled new features to help fight online bullying. This includes the ability to bulk delete negative comments and block or restrict the accounts posting them.

“In addition to removing negative comments, we want to give people an easy way to amplify and encourage positive interactions,” Instagram said while introducing the feature.

There are more features that are still being tested by Instagram including the new Shop tab. Users can now browse top brands and creators directly from the navigation bar. Hopefully, this will be a gateway to e-commerce on the platform.

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