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DSTV Subscribers Mysteriously Gain Access to Premium Channels For Free

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While watching the Manchester City Vs Chelsea game on this cold Thursday night, my reactions might have given me a lifeline. While celebrating a Chelsea goal, I sat on the remote and the channel changed. To my surprise instead of the regular ‘ This channel is blocked’ message, the content kept on coming! DSTV is Free:) For now

All DSTV channels are Free Right Now

Last month, DSTV made a COVID-19 move for all its subscribers. For each package you paid for, you would be bumped up to the next level. Commercial DSTV users would get up 75% off on their subscriptions as well. Say you pay for Compact, you will then get bumped up to Compact Plus.

Unfortunately, yesterday, DSTV sent a message to tell us that they will be reverting this feature at the end of the month. Today, however, we lost that privilege and we couldn’t watch the compact plus channels we are used to.

Now, just before we went to Twitter to complain, it looks like there might be a problem/blessing. Users in Kenya and South Africa are reporting that all the DSTV channels are free and available to view.

We are not sure what could be the reason for this but as of now all you can do is enjoy the channels until they fix the ‘probable issue’.

More on the story will be updated to this article as it develops.

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