ASUS Announce Their Thinnest Laptops Yet: The ZenBook 13 and 14

ASUS ZenBook
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ASUS notes that people look out for three major features when it comes to choosing a laptop; Battery life, Storage and Screen Quality. These are the things they focused on when building and designing the new ASUS ZenBook 13 and 14.


ASUS ZENBOOK 13 (ux325) / 14 (ux425)
  • Processor:
    • Core i5 or Core i7
  • Body:
    • 13.9mm thin, weighing 1.07 kg. Aluminium Alloy ( The 14 is a bit heavier coming at 1.13kg)
  • Battery:
    • 67wh battery = 22hrs of battery life, type C charging
  • Storage:
    • 16/32GB internal storage
    • 2TB SSD
  • Ports:
    • USB -A
    • Micro SD reader
    • HDMI
    • Two Thunderbolt USB – C
  • No Headphone jack
  • HD IR WebCam
ASUS ZenBook

Image Courtesy Review Geek

Battery Life

ASUS says that the 67wh battery on the new models gives you 22 hrs of battery life. Apparently it can charge up to 60% in 50 minutes. It is also based off of Type-C charging thus you can use a power bank or been your smartphone charger to power up your laptop… Carrying around fewer chargers!

Since the battery is so big, they had no space for a headphone jack. However, they will bundle a USB Adapter for those who still want to use wired headphones.


The screens are 1920 x 1080 full HD touchscreen displays. The laptop has narrow bezels matching up to 90% screen to body ratio. Apparently, the best thing about the screen is how much power it conserves. At 50% the screen will only consume 1 watt of power, thus saving you so much battery life.


The laptops both come with 16/32GB worth of internal storage and up to 2TB of SSD Storage. Because of the slimness of the device, there isn’t any room for an external graphics card. There is also no room to expand storage.

However, they have an AMD Ryzen version, the UM45, with an AMD Radeon graphics card. It comes with 8/16GB of internal storage and 1TB SSD. The rest of the specs are similar to the ZenBook 14.

So far there are only two colours, the pine grey and lilac mist. According to the ASUS representative, the laptops will be available as from July/August. There is no general price but they say that if you ask your local ASUS sellers, they will give you more information.

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