How to Watch Live Premier League Matches Online From Anywhere

Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Premier League
Image courtesy Arsenal FC

Football fans are counting only a day to the official return of the English Premier League. The very first match is set to kick off on Wednesday, June 17th as the remaining 91 follow for the next few months in the U.K. And while we all know that the trophy is already being shipped secretly to Anfield, there is a whole lot more important stuff to be concluded in the league beyond just Liverpool lifting the trophy.

The fourth and fifth position is still up for grabs by a number of clubs in the mid-table. The ones at the bottom of the table are still in the battle against relegation.

A lot of these matches were unfortunately called off in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and it will surely be a breath of fresh air for fans around the world to see their beloved players back in action.

However, the Premier League’s governing body FA has set up a number of new regulations meant to see that every player and staff member is safe in every single match. This will include matches being played in empty stadiums which will mean everyone will have to find a way to watch them at home.

This won’t that big of a deal for various international fans as they have various channels they can subscribe to and catch the live-action. In Kenya, we are limited to DSTV subscription that will cost you almost KES 5,000 to get any glimpse of the Premier League action on SuperSport.

That doesn’t mean that you just have to stay there and wait for highlights. Those who have Android-powered smart TVs or firesticks luckily have a few options at their disposal.

There are a number of streaming apps that you can get to install on your TV or firestick. They include  KodiMobdroand Terrarium. These apps offer a whole lot of options and links that you can use to connect to live sports without having to submit to the overpriced TV subscriptions. Of course, you will have to learn your way into how they work once you have successfully installed in order to benefit. Fortunately, they are not as complex as you would think.

These apps, however, do not guarantee your online safety since a number of the links displayed can be used by hackers to spy on you. You will then need to look for a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) and install it in your device. The software not only ensures you are secure but also helps to mask your location so you cannot be blocked from watching the live matches.

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