Xiaomi Will No Longer Make 4G Smartphones After 2020

Image courtesy Xiaomi Global Community

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has now confirmed that it will halt the manufacture of its 4G smartphones by the end of this year. This was made clear in a recent interview with the company’s CEO, Lei Jun that was published by Chinese publication, Xinhua.

Speaking about the future that is 5G and even 6G among so much more, Lei Jun stated that most of the company’s new smartphones in China are 5G-enabled. This then came with the promise of Xiaomi leaving behind devices that are limited to just 4G.

This will be quite interesting considering the network is still new in major parts of the world including Kenya where the brand has been thriving. The company’s chief went ahead to describe 5G as a great revolution to the tech industry when it comes to high-resolution (4K/8K) video conferencing, cloud gaming and so much more.

Speaking on 6G, he stated that Xiaomi has already begun researching on the network referring to it as ‘pre-research’. Additionally, the firm is also developing satellite internet, which will be quite interesting.

He also admitted that the company had planned to supply more 5G smartphones globally but the current COVID-19 pandemic depleted that for a while. Both Xiaomi and its sub-brand, Redmi had already started launching a number of new 5G-enabled smartphones this year.

It is clear that despite the decline in global shipments and sales in Q1 2020, the company did make strides to the top tier surpassing its home country rival Huawei. It will then be interesting to see 5G connectivity integrated into not just high-end smartphones but also those in the mid-price range and possibly budget segment as well.

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