These iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi Smartphones Are The Best Selling So Far

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Reports on how smartphones have been sellling across the globe continue to show up now that the second quarter is just here. And as much as they all agree that the industry has really taken a hit, some brands have surprisingly seen growth as the giants have to take the bitter decline in numbers.

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A new report from Canalys has now been released describing in detail every major brand and model that made headlines in Q1 2020. Apple was obviously the leader with its iPhone 11 lineup selling over 18 million smartphones. Surprisingly though, Chinese company Xiaomi made the biggest stride making it to second place with its Redmi Note 8 series (Note 8, Note 8T) selling over 8 million pieces.

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Unfortunately, Samsung fell to the third and fourth place Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A10s shipping over 6 and 5 million units respectively. The fifth-place again went with Xiaomi whose Redmi Note 8 Pro shipped over 5 million smartphones.

This was followed closely by the iPhone 11 Pro Max shipping over 4 million devices. Samsung’s Galaxy A20s and Galaxy A01 took seventh and eighth places with over 4 and 3 million units respectively.

The Redmi 8A and iPhone 11 Pro finally took the last two positions with over 3 million units shipped. It is not yet clear from the report the exact number of shipments as Canalys is yet to reveal.

But as much as there is a huge gap between the first and second place, it is clear that Xiaomi is out here to cause an upset in the whole industry. We would wish to see more of the upcoming brands rising to the top positions and it will be interesting to see what Q2 2020 has to offer.

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