Google Chromecast Could Run Android TV. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Google Chromecast
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A lot of people have been looking out for a Google Chromecast and it looks like you might be getting more than you bargained for. In a report, it was noted that Google is planning on launching a second-generation Chromecast with more details about the dongle.

Google Chromecast + Android TV

This is what the report by Protocol states:

Google is set to introduce an Android TV streaming device in the coming months. It will be a reimagined dongle with a new user interface that will put a bigger emphasis on individual movies and TV shows as opposed to apps. The company will also likely extend its Nest brand to the new device.

According to the report, Google’s next-generation Chromecast will run full-fledged Android TV and accompanied by a remote. Theoretically, the device is going to work like a firestick. You will not need your phone any more as the interface will work like a TV, hence the remote.

Users will be able to:

  1. Install apps for streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ from Google’s Play Store. This means you won’t be struggling to read tiny text or trying to navigate apps that only work when you can swipe with a finger.
  2. Use Google Assistant for voice control which will be integrated into the device.
  3. Cast content
  4. Enjoy Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service.

Price and Availability

It seems more and more likely that we could be getting Google TV sooner than we thought. It is still unclear when Google will unveil or release the device. Also, there is no definitive word on pricing. According to the report, they expect the company to price it around or below KES 8,000. This pales in comparison to the current pricing of the Chromecast streaming adapter for that’s KES 3500.

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