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Coronavirus is Fueling The Next Wave of Kenya’s Entertainment Industry

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From board games to online content, many of us are doing whatever it takes to keep ourselves entertained and stay sane. The novel Coronavirus has forced us to change our plans and timetables and that affects everyone. More so, it is heavily affecting those who depend on ‘outside’ to get their daily bread. Luckily it seems like live streams and performances on social media could be the resident saviour for the entertainment industry.

Live Streams Might Save The Entertainment Industry

Social Media EntertainmentThe first few weeks were mainly quiet with a lot of us consuming already present content and the rest taking a break from their daily routines. Speaking to a few musicians and performers, they note that they used this time to take a break and plan out their content in hopes that the curfews would end soon.

Unfortunately, we’re getting into our second ‘Rona Month’ and it looks like the virus will be here for a while. So, entertainers are now turning to social media to try and keep their fans entertained and make a few shillings from the platforms as well.

Thanks to technology and the internet, it has become a possibility for anyone to watch their favourite artists from anywhere in the world. Said entertainers are now taking to live streaming content and posting videos for their ever-loyal fans.

The likes of TikTok and Instagram have grown in popularity in terms of downloads and usage. More and more people are joining these platforms to try and find content to keep them entertained. Thus entertainers have to take this chance and exploit the beauty that is social media.

The Social Media Evolution of Entertainment

For example, Koroga fest has just announced that they will stream their weekend-long event on Saturday from 20:30 EAT.

The same goes for to SolGeneration who had a zoom call and sang a song together pushing the popularity of the brands to new heights. Sauti Sol has also been posting videos on their personal Instagram accounts just to keep their fans in the loop of all things entertainment.

It doesn’t stop there. Artists like Nyashinski have been able to have preconcerts and even release albums right on YouTube.

Moving on to the international space, the likes of Sam Smith are doing covers of their own songs on YouTube. He notes that he wants to give his fans the feeling of a private concert right in their own homes.

We could argue that it is easier for those who already have a following to get higher views and better audiences on their streams. However, this should not stop anyone from trying this out. The people are looking for content online and if there was a time to start, now would be it.

How Will They Make Money?

Well, it’s simple. If you get the right amount of fans following you, then advertisers will reach out and will pay you to advertise for them.

Alternatively, when performing you could put down a number where people can send you money and support your craft. Another way is by posting on YouTube and getting the same advertisers following you plus a small substantial fee from YouTube for hosting your craft.

The likes of Facebook are looking into getting people to pay for live streams thus it will be like attending an actual concert. You pay and enjoy yourself all from the comfort of your home. (Literally my dream… I don’t like crowds.)

This is the evolution of entertainment. Whatever you make of this information is up to you but if you are a consumer, do your best to support those that entertain you.

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