Bolt Protect Is A New Ride Category That Comes With This Nylon Divider Installed

Bolt Protect

Bolt is working on different ways to keep its riders and drives safe and today they have introduced a new ride-type in its platform dubbed Bolt Protect.

Bolt Protect

Vehicles under this new category will be fitted with a protective plastic film of nylon installed between the passenger and driver seats. The plastic film will act as a precautionary barrier that limits the airflows between the driver and passengers.

“The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and drivers is our highest priority. The protective setup of a new Bolt Protect helps reduce the risk of the virus spreading through coughs and sneezes. However, this is just one of the precautionary measures. We strongly advise all our drivers and passengers to act responsibly and continue following the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.” Ola Akinnusi, Country Manager, Bolt Kenya.

Bolt Protect

The new ride-type puts in place additional measures including

  1. Proper ventilation of the cars throughout the trips.
  2. Regular cleaning of the door handles and the backseat area after every completed trip.
  3. Sanitizer compartment.
  4. The number of passengers in the new category limited to 2 – using the back seat cabin.

Bolt says that they will provide their drivers with a step-by-step guide on how to build the protective sheet. They will also instruct them on proper ventilation and cleaning of the car.

We remain cognizant of the fact that even during the virus outbreak, some people still need to move around in the city. We are doing our best to fulfil our mission and help them do so.” added Ola.  

Where Is This Available?

Bolt Protect is currently available to customers in Nairobi with the plans to expand to more cities soon. Passengers are able to choose the new ride-type when they order a car in the Bolt app.

You will not pay an extra fare since the new category does not attract an additional base fare. Other Bolt services will still be available to customers at the same affordable rates across the seventeen locations across Kenya.

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