Sending This Emoji To Any iPhone or iPad Will Crash The Device

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You may have already heard about the new security flaw that did leave iPhone Mail app users vulnerable to hackers. Well, there seem to be more issues with the Apple ecosystem according to reports now.

Exposed by users on Reddit, there is a new character-linked bug in Messages, Mail and other apps that can cause not only the iPhone but also the iPad, Mac and even Apple Watch to crash when receiving a specific string of characters.

In this scenario, the character string consists of the Italian flag emoji along with characters in the Sindhi language (official in Pakistan and India). As reported, the system crash happens when an incoming notification is received with the problem-causing characters.

According to the released info, the character string began making rounds on Telegram and has also been spotted circulating on Twitter. It would, however, not be the first time that such device-crashing bugs are seen since they tend to appear every so often.

In many occurrences, they do spread widely, leaving a lot of users with malfunctioning iPhones, iPads or Macs. A similar case took place in 2018 crashing thousands of Apple devices before the company was even able to address the problem in an iOS update.

Unfortunately, most of these bugs usually can’t be particularly prevented from crashing or freezing devices when received from a malicious person. Besides, the crashes caused through notifications often cause operating system re-springs and in other cases, a need to restore a device in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

Luckily, Apple typically gets to fix these character bugs within a few days to a week.

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