Nokia 2.3 Users Set To Receive Android 10 Update By The End Of April

Image courtesy NokiaMob

The budget Nokia 2.3 from HMD Global had not shipped with Android 10, despite the fact that it launched about five months after the OS unveiling. It had been later on listed to receive the system update by the end of March. But with the company’s revised schedule, the 2.3 was among the victims pushed back to receive the rollout much later. Luckily, the Android 10 update is now rolling out worldwide and 2.3 is right on schedule.

According to Nokia, the update will be staggered in waves as it’s expected to first cover 40 countries, the majority of which are from Europe and Asia.  As of today, 10% of the countries will be updated, with HMD expecting the full roll-out to be completed by April 26th. This news comes shortly after Nokia 2.2 users were also treated to the Android 10 update earlier this year.

The timely upgrade is also owed hugely to the Android One program that gets these phones to run on stock Android like Google Pixel devices.

With Android 10, users should expect a number of new system features. This includes more intuitive features gestures. The home button you are used to with Android 9 is replaced by a slider that gets you to easily navigate through your open apps.

It also comes with the much anticipated full Dark theme which swaps interface colours for darker tones. This is meant to not only save your eyesight but also preserve some of the phone’s battery. As of now, no other phone from Nokia has been mentioned to be up next in line but it is inevitable for another model to be the lucky one.

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