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Parents Can Now Set Restrictions On Their Kids’ TikTok Accounts

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Despite the current success, TikTok has undoubtedly been faced with age restriction issues since last year. But the company now seems to have stepped up with new updates that include parental control measures. The new feature, dubbed Family pairing, will now let parents link their accounts to their children’s.

This will then give them the privilege to disable direct messages, turn on restricted content mode, and set screen time limits. Previously, there were restriction features only that parents had to manually use their kids’ device to adjust the settings and even get a secret passcode.

Under the new system though, parents can now get to link their accounts to the kids’ with consent, of course. To set it up, parents need to scan a QR code inside the digital wellbeing section of their kid’s account.

Unfortunately, kids will be able to disable the restrictions at any point in time. Nevertheless, parents will know when that happens through a notification on their devices and have the chance to re-link their accounts.


This decision comes about a year after the platform had been caught up in an age restriction case that had it pay a whopping KES 570 million fine to the US government. This was over alleged violations of a children’s privacy law in part for allowing users under 13 years old to sign up without parental consent.

But they have been surely making gradual changes to improve the situation with the latest hoped to be the closest to an ultimate solution.

Other than the Family Pairing feature, TikTok is also completely disabling direct messages for all users under 16. A previous report from BuzzFeed News did state that the app had issues with predators messaging younger users.

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