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TikTok Downloads On Android Soar as People Seek Entertainment


For about a month or so now, people are still stuck at home due to the pandemic getting everyone to jump to social media and video streaming apps for entertainment. But the popular show-format video sharing platform, TikTok is one that has surely had a wild ride during this time.

The app has now crossed past 1 billion installs on Google Play Store alone. Moreover, the app is now placed among the top three free apps in many countries including some of the world’s biggest markets. With the digits on Apple Store still unclear, you can only imagine the number to actually be much bigger.

This can also be evidently seen by the growing amount of TikTok content shared beyond the app itself. Influencers, celebrities and basically everyone have also found themselves spending hours either watching or making the videos. Even sharing them is one that proved to be almost impossible.

But the rush in user count isn’t what we would refer to as sudden as it has been expected over time. In January alone, TikTok became the most downloaded app on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. Even last year, the app had already started making waves, showing the potential of becoming the next Instagram rival after Snapchat.

However, with the growing internet usage globally, many apps including TikTok have been forced to lower the streaming resolution in order to ease up on the bandwidth congestion. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to stop people’s growing interest in what the app offers. And with the current situation appearing to last much longer, the figures are only destined to go higher.

As expected though, the success has already attracted some rivalry with other companies wanting to have a piece of the pie as well. YouTube is reportedly working on its own version of a short-format video platform to compete with TikTok. Slated to launch later this year, we can only wait and see if and how they can handle the heat.

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