Safaricom Home Fibre Down For 20 Hours+ and This Could Be Why

Safaricom Home Fibre outage

Safaricom Home Fiber users in various parts of the country have unfortunately been hit by an internet outage since 7th April. After a couple of complaints, Safaricom responded by fixing the issue early this morning.

Unfortunately, a number of subscribers found themselves in the same situation again at about 1 pm today on the 8th. Currently, the issue has not been fully fixed but Safaricom did release an official statement to its users in time.”We are currently experiencing a service outage affecting a section of Home Fibre customers. Our engineers are working to restore services as soon as possible and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused,” the statement said.

No official statement has come from the telecom to explain what the cause of the ongoing problem is. Nevertheless, an engineer spoke to Gadgets Africa on unofficial terms explaining that the outage as a result of a sudden surge in usage.

So, as it stands, there has been a huge load on the internet that seems to have now caught up with Safaricom Home Fibre users in various parts of Nairobi and its environs.

With millions of people stuck at home, it is obvious that a majority would be using the internet almost 24/7.  All the excessive browsing, streaming and probably gaming is definitely expected to have an impact on the country’s internet bandwidth and it seems to already be doing so. Currently, internet usage has gone up in the country by 200% and might even go higher as many fear for a full lockdown.

Such problems had unluckily been started occurring in various countries. Various data centres and telecom companies had already started noticing the surge. It is only a matter of time though before the issue with Safaricom Home Fibre is fixed.

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  1. N do they compensate for the hours per month of this Fibre cuts????????????

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