The iPhone Camera is Finally Playing Catchup

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The iPhone 12 line-up is one that has sparked conversation all over the internet even before the iPhone 11 came out. Yet even now when it’s expected to drop late this year, Apple fans cannot stop imagining what it would look like. This could be owed hugely to the speculation that Apple will finally be getting rid of the wide notch and going completely bezel-less like everyone else.

Other than the display though, it seems that the manufacturer is also expected to step up a bit with the camera setup. This is according to new leaked images showing an alleged triple-lens module alongside a new LiDAR scanner at the back.

The image came from Concepts iPhone and went viral on Twitter and was reportedly obtained from iOS 14. The setup is seen to also include a Wide-angle, Ultra Wide-angle and Telephoto lens.

If this is right and actually happens, it could mean that the device will be borrowing a bit from the recently released 2020 iPad Pro.

iPhone 12 leaked image

Image courtesy Concepts iPhone

The LiDAR scanner, of course, is the show-stealer as the iPhone will now pack improved augmented reality (AR) features as it has in the iPad Pro. What defends this further are recent exclusive reports that Apple is actually developing a new augmented reality app for iOS 14.

The scanner could also mean the phone coming finally bringing in an improved depth capture capabilities. So, maybe taking those up-close detailed images won’t be a hurdle with iPhone 12 after all.

Nonetheless, if it all goes to plan, Apple is expected to launch four new models in the iPhone 12 series. It is believed Apple is preparing a new 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch models and a huge 6.7-inch model this year. All these devices could also feature OLED displays as well as 5G connectivity.

As for the design, the iPhone might come in a boxier look, paying homage to the iPhone 4. But with the leaked images, it’s hard to tell what the feel really will be like with the smartphone. The release date is, however, still speculation as with the current events Apple could be forced to push the launch much further.

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