Here’s Why The iPhone 12 Might Not Launch in September As Expected

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Apple lovers around the world will definitely not be happy with the latest speculated delay of the iPhone 12. According to a new leak, there is so much that still hasn’t been done by Apple, which explains why the final design might even be different from what anyone expects.

Allegedly, the delay is almost certain as the iPhone 12 has still not been fully designed for the September launch. This is mainly because Apple hasn’t sent any of its American executives to China for approval of the final design. As you well know, there are travel bans both from the U.S and China in order to prevent exposure to coronavirus infection.

iiPhone 12 rumoured delay

This then means that the prototyping stage is already two months late. And since there is no final design yet, the renders and images you have been seeing all over the internet are actually based on a prototype from just one designer. As it stands, there other several designs that need to be looked at and later voted on by the company’s executives.

This is then what will most likely force Apple to push the iPhone 12 launch to November.

So, this might even mean a further delay for Kenyan Apple users that were looking forward to upgrading the iPhones. The models usually get to the shelves in Kenyan stores about a month after the official launch. This could mean seeing them either in December or even early 2021.

Based on other rumours though, the iPhone 12 will likely launch in four models. There might be two regular devices with 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches while the other two (iPhone 12 Pro) will come in 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

The rumoured lack of a notch, however, might be the one to make the iPhone 12 really anticipated. With the last two line-ups still coming with the ugly selfie camera setup, you cannot deny it will be a breath of fresh air to see a fully bezel-less iPhone for once.

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