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Facebook To Allow Non-Users To Stream Live Videos As Demand Spikes

Facebook Live video
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Facebook is working on new features meant to make it easier for everyone to access live streams. This will work for anyone regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not. The Zuckerberg-owned network has reportedly done this to meet the rising demand for live video.

With everyone at home, of course, you would expect millions to be accessing all sorts of entertainment. The company will begin allowing non-Facebook users to watch live streams from mobile devices. This was previously available for desktop alone. According to Facebook, the feature will mainly be rolling out to iOS “in the coming weeks and has already been rolled out to Android users.

Moreover, Facebook will be adding new options to allow live streamers to reach those without a smartphone or access to mobile data. The feature is dubbed “Public Switch Telephone Network”. It will allow people to listen in on a live stream via a toll-free number, similar to calling into a conference call.

Similarly, Facebook Live will now give you the option to listen to audio-only if you don’t necessarily want to watch the live video.

All these features are definitely reasonable enough for everyone as the company has reported of a surge in demand for its services. Moreover, it has been difficult to keep up with traffic, as more and more users turn to its messaging apps to stay in touch with family and friends.

More celebrities have also been turning to entertain their fans via live concerts, galleries and more. And with such an advantage now, the users’ count is more than likely going to grow even more.


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