Is Coronavirus A Stepping Stone To The Evolution Of Technology In Kenya?


Amid this Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya, we need to embrace the future of Technology. It’s a stretch but we can get there. It’s hard to predict when a cure will be found for the novel Coronavirus.

Some experts are saying that even if a cure was to be found today, they just don’t have the production capacity required for the vast quantities needed globally. It would take up to 18 months and a whole lot of money for them to finalize the process and provide a vaccine.

So we might be home for a while…

Effect of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Technology Kenya

Economies are at a standstill, with key sectors under the brink of extinction. In Kenya, COVID-19 has forced us to embrace new norms. The most recent of these being a set 7 PM -5 AM curfew.

Not to mention court proceedings being halted, tourism taking a huge hit and religious services being disrupted, our homes away from home are our homes. There is no escape.

Many sectors did not foresee this pandemic and most organizations will not be able to sustain employees as they work from. Most companies will have to scale down production and that will affect one of the main aspects of business, profits.

There will be pay cuts and there will be downsides but this is not the end. How can we use technology to move Kenya in the right direction?

With the death of the first Coronavirus victim in the country, (May His Soul Rest In Peace), it might be hard to see a future after this, but we can’t give up yet. We’ve made some good strides so far.

What Have We Been Able To Do So Far?


Well, as a country, we’ve stepped up pretty well in terms of technological advancements. With the help of many of the organizations found in Kenya, we’ve been able to maximize on work from home basics and ethics, practice e-learning and shopping via e-commerce.

The introduction of telemedicine, improvements in video conferencing, live streaming events and generally finding ways to entertain ourselves has proven useful in these trying times.

Kudos to that but it’s not enough. We need to do more. At Gadgets Africa, we know that this may be a tough nut to crack but someone has to say it. We need to step out of our comfort zones. We need to refrain from dwelling on what’s happening and start embracing the possible digitally enhanced future.

With most nations under curfew, like Kenya or under full lock-down, it’s time to make a change. I am calling on you to embrace technology to keep key sectors in operation as the fight against Coronavirus continues.

Embracing Technology in Kenya Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Technology Kenya Coronavirus

Video Conferencing

According to Business Daily, improving tech is a great way to go and Maureen Achieng, a developer in low and no code software platforms is setting the pace. She is working on a mobile and Web-based videoconferencing solution.

She says that it will enable at least 1,000 people to congregate from any part of the world and discuss global issues.

Online Forex Trade

Money might become an issue and a good way to solve it is to look for different sources of money. Those looking for secondary cash sources can get into online Forex trade. This is where real-time monitoring of prices can earn you money.

Law and Tech

Kenya’s courtroom, which is overdependent on human interaction, is being maimed by the directive on social distancing. The entire offline nature of work calls for urgent solutions.

The Law Society of Kenya encouraged members to serve court documents via e-mail while using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

Lawyers are now embracing technology tools such as Calendly to schedule client meetings. They are using Zoom for group calls and Signal as a secure messaging service. To manage their work, they use Patafile and Wakili CMS which are cloud-based.


If you have a business, now is the time to branch it online. E-commerce is benefiting the most from the current situation as people move fast to stock their houses with food and household goods.

Online purchases have spiked as the battle against Coronavirus gets tougher. Even people who are not tech-savvy now see the benefit of online commerce. It’s great to have everyone in the house because now we can teach each other how to use these services.

Religious Services

Churches like the Consolata Shrine in Westlands, Nairobi has been live-streaming services for a while. Now is a period where worshippers must prepare to consume the Holy Scriptures together from home. Churches like Mary Help of Christians, Don Bosco Church in Upperhill have also started a live streaming session.

During this period, the search for online jobs and businesses on search engines has snowballed, as Kenyans look for ways to make more money now that some of their income sources have been erased.

Personal Growth

Lastly, we need to embrace the possibilities of benefiting from this curfew. Once you’ve taken that well deserved break it’s time to get back on that horse. Learn a new skill, a new language or finally pick up that guitar that you always said you’d play.

It’s time to get back to the books, open your mind and see how else you can benefit the society. Create and consume helpful content from the current platforms we have. Make a difference and be the change you’ve always wanted to see.

Do you think Coronavirus could be the stepping stone to the evolution of Technology in Kenya?


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