Can You Order Food In Nairobi During The Curfew?

Order Food Nairobi Curfew

With a curfew in place, we’re probably wondering whether we can still order food in Nairobi. Well, you still can but you have to adhere to the new times that have been set by the food hailing services during this curfew. The likes of Uber Eats, Jumia, SafeBoda and Glovo have changed their respective delivery times.

Sites You Can Order Food from In Nairobi

Let’s take a look at some of the changes these companies have had to make to adhere to the new rules.

Jumia Food

Jumia food has amended their delivery times following the directive from the President. The new rules dictate that they will deliver from 7 am to 6 pm.

SafeBoda & Glovo

There has been no official word from the two companies but with most restaurants like Java Cafe closing by six, it is safe to say that their delivery times have been amended too.

In both apps, the restaurants have all closed and should you make an order now, it will be scheduled for the next day.

Order Food Nairobi

Uber Eats

Order Food Nairobi Curfew

The company has also suspended its ride services in Nairobi and Mombasa between 6 pm and 5 am until further notice.

Aside from this, you probably enjoy a good home-cooked meal. Supermarkets like Naivas and Tuskys have been forced to introduce home delivery services across the country in partnership with delivery services Glovo and Sendy respectively.

However, you have to order earlier as orders later than 4 pm will be serviced the following day.

Seeing that most places are choosing to keep their doors closed as per curfew rules leaves a lot unanswered in terms of which services will remain available past 6 pm.


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