Here Are Some Tech Tips To Help You Work Better From Home

Work From Home

This concept might be new to a lot of people, both employers and employees. One thing to note is that it’s easy to get distracted when you work from home. The environment isn’t as controlled as in the office. It’s at this time that the TV shows and books on your shelf look extra interesting. It’s the first time you notice how dirty your door is.

Here are a few tips that can help you be more productive as you work from home.

Establish a Workspace

Work From Home

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Our first tip is to claim a physical working space. Maybe it’s a corner of your dining room table. Or the breakfast nook. Or a small desk you picked up at a thrift store. Anything to get you a dedicated working space.

It’s advisable to get it away from the entertainment section of your house. Keep only the things you need for work around this area. Set up your PC, work files and a comfortable seat to accommodate you for a productive day of work.

Sites To Help You Work From Home

I’m going to recommend two of my favourites but you can read about other sites here.

Video Calls with Zoom

Video calls can make a remote workday feel more connected. Accounts are free for the basic plan if your company does not already have a corporate one. Some folks still swear by Skype and some even claim FaceTime can be a great alternative. Zoom is packed with features and is fast with clear audio and video. Record the calls so participants who cannot attend can listen in later.

Google Docs and Sheets

My preferred method these days may appear a bit clunky, but I use Google Docs or Sheets and let people collaborate. There is a chat feature. There are add-on tools, like Voice Typing.


Get Your Wi-Fi In Order


Since most devices now connect wirelessly, your experience working from home will depend a lot on your Wi-Fi performance. A lot of devices competing for throughput on one network can cause internal traffic issues and downgrade performance when working remotely.

Safaricom will be doubling its internet speeds for all its respective Home Fibre packages. This is of course at no extra charges, meaning you will continue paying your normal fees but for a much faster connection.

Read more about getting the best out of your router.

Choose The Right Webcam and Headset

Working from home means a lot more video calls. Teams like to see each other when they collaborate, meaning you’ll want a good webcam and headset to make for a comfortable quality experience.

Using your built-in webcam and basic headphones should work well enough, but if you want to upgrade the experience, investing in a webcam or headset is a good idea, especially if you’re working at larger monitors.

Get noise-cancelling headphones if you need to listen in to a conference call and your kid is running around. Or, get good and fast with that mute button.

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