How To Sambaza Safaricom Airtime and Find out Who Has The Best Data Bundle Package

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The race to win over the hearts of Kenyan mobile phone users has been going on for millennia. Fortunately for Safaricom, they have managed to top the tables and steer clear of the competition. This is thanks to their strong cell service and the introduction of M-PESA. You can Sambaza Safaricom Airtime in Three Easy Steps.

Sambaza Safaricom Airtime

  1. Dial *140*amount-of-airtime*number# Eg: *140*100*0712345678#
  2. You can use the MySafaricomApp to Sambaza Airtime as well under the ‘Services’ menu then Sambaza Services.

We’ve also seen some crazy data bundle deals and below are the comparisons of weekly and monthly bundles across the three service providers; Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel.


Weekly Bundles

  1. 100MB @Sh50
  2.  350MB @Sh100
  3. 1 GB + WhatsApp @Sh250
  4. 4GB + WhatsApp @Sh 500

Monthly Bundles

  1.  35OMB @Sh250
  2. 3GB + WhatsApp @Sh500
  3. 7.5GB + WhatsApp @Sh1,000
  4. 20GB + WhatsApp @Sh2,000

Safaricom recently announced the No expiry on bundles” campaign. This means that you can buy bundles from as low as a shilling and they have no expiry date. (No daily, weekly or monthly deadlines.)

Safaricom also offers a “Daily Giga” which is basically 1GB @ Sh 99 for a day. A Platinum package with a variety that maxes out at Sh10,000 and you receive 40 GB 1500 + Local Mins + 100 International Mins. They also introduced a “YouTube bundle” that offers 200MB at Sh20.

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Weekly Bundles

  1. 200MB @Sh49
  2. 500MB @Sh99
  3. 2GB @Sh249

Monthly Bundles

  1.  1GB @Sh 249
  2. 4GB @Sh499
  3. 10GB @Sh999
  4. 25GB @Sh1.999
  5. 40GB @Sh2,999

Telkom has many other options to choose from other than the mainstream bundles.  They have just a new bundle campaign; whereby, for Sh 1000, you get 1GB daily for 30 days! 

They also have a “mzito bundles” campaign that offers all-net minutes and free data all night.

  1. 3gb + 100 all net minutes @Sh499
  2. 8gb + 300 all net minutes @Sh999
  3. 17gb + 600 all net minutes @Sh1,999


Weekly Bundles

  1. 200MB + WhatsApp @Sh50
  2. 500MB + WhatsApp @Sh100
  3. 2GB + WhatsApp @Sh250
  4.  6GB + WhatsApp @Sh500

Monthly Bundles

  1.  1.5GB @Sh 300
  2. 4GB @Sh500
  3. 10GB + 5GB YouTube @Sh1000
  4. 15GB + 5GB YouTube @Sh1500
  5. 25GB + 5GB YouTube @Sh2000
  6. 40GB + 5GB YouTube @Sh3000

Airtel also offers a wide range of bundle packages including, Unliminet Bundles; with weekly packages topping off at 750MB + 300 Mins + 2500 SMS @ Sh500. Monthly packages top off at 20 GB + 1200 mins + 10,000 SMS @ Sh2000.

The cards are all on the table and now, the choice is yours.


**Pro-tip, get yourself a dual-sim phone or a second handset. Saves you the trouble of having to choose.


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  1. The choice is not really ours unless you live in a town. Otherwise, safaricom rules.

    1. Personally I Use faiba 4G and Faiba home I can’t complain they are affordable and their speeds always Good

  2. I read this piece thinking you were going to actually say who’s better in terms of speed, cost, 4G coverage, etc. You just listed the plans they offer…something most of us already know.

    1. You are right, dude just did a list.. no comparison or anything!

    2. I find Airtel to be affordable and reliable .

  3. For me Telkom is the best both data and voice calls across other networks.

    1. True

  4. I used to love telkom but I’m just surprised they never mentioned Faiba, for those who already have Faiba know the speed and how affordable their bundles are….

  5. Aitel is most affordable and convinient!

  6. Telkom is the best and i will not stop using it anytime soon.

  7. This info is outdated. Telkom are offering 30GB monthly and not 10GB

  8. Once you travel upcountry the only reliable service you can access is Safaricom.

  9. For releabilty safaricom rules I can easily call or chat an ambulance in the middle of a forest

  10. Tel com and Airtel not bad offers but there network coverage not good

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