These Apps Are Draining Your Phone’s Battery


Battery life, the most precious commodity on our phones. It’s the one thing that unites Android users, iPhone users and whatever other operating system runs on your phone.

While we do a lot to ensure that we keep our phones juiced up, sometimes we just can’t explain why it’s draining as much as it is.

A report by Uswitch has pointed out that some of the most common apps we use are the biggest culprits of unnecessary battery drain.

As per the report, apps with the highest hit on batteries are those that require endless permissions to keep running, “What really drains the battery is the apps your phone uses. And, more specifically, it’s the permissions these apps require in order to give you the best possible experience,” reads the report.

Uswitch analysed a total of 50 popular apps from across different platforms and ranked them in accordance with their battery use demand. Here are the top 10 biggest culprits:


Image Courtesy Uswitch

Right below the top 10 apps, we have Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, Uber Eats and Deezer in that order. Pinterest, Tinder, Netflix and Kahoot (my favourite game app) also appear on this list.

Unfortunately for me, I have 7 out of the top power-hungry apps installed on my phone and a total of 15 apps out of the full chunk of 50.

This new list shines some light on the need to further put a string on apps that hog our phone’s battery.

Just a while back, another report revealed that certain apps were draining your battery by constantly showing invisible ads.

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