Weekly Recap: Why Do You Follow Influencers Online?


What’s the craziest reason you follow an Influencer for? I bet you it won’t be as crazy as this report suggests. Apparently, a good number of Kenyans online follow celebrities and influencers to get life advice from them.

Yup, that’s not a typo neither is it an error. Influencers seem to carry around more clout than we actually thought. I am trying to imagine which Kenyan influencer I’d actually take life advice from and apart from Andrew Kibe, I honestly can’t think of anyone else.

Aside from that, the report also indicates that Kenyans don’t trust influencers to give honest product recommendations – and the way every other phone brand out there has been running to these influencers. Yikes!

*The Andrew Kibe part is obviously a joke, just in case it passed you by

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Pinterest is More Popular Than IG – You’d think that Instagram would be more popular than Pinterest in Kenya, right? I mean, it’s only logical. Well, turns out Kenyans actually love using Pinterest more than they do IG. Actually, Pinterest usage in the country is almost as big as Twitter usage! *mind-blown*


KRA Now Has Rights To Access Your Phone – Okay, that subtitle was a bit click-baity but the bottom line is, the Kenyan High Court has granted KRA permission to access records, computers and mobile phones of those the agency suspects to be evading paying their due taxes. KRA already has access to certain records from banks, vehicle registration and even aircraft ownership. This new leeway gives the agency, even more, ground to nap tax evaders or potentially use their power to harass citizens. What are your thoughts?



LinkedIn is introducing stories onto the platform because, why not?

Umm, this bed costs 6 Million shillings. Why?!

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