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These Are The Most Popular Social Media Platforms in Kenya

Social Media
Image Courtesy Merakist (Unsplash)

Kenya loves social media. It’s easier to find someone scrolling through social media than it is to find them talking to a strange in a bus or maybe reading the newspaper.

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As per statistics by web traffic analysis platform Statcounter, the top five most used social media platforms in Kenya are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr (?), in that order.

The list is honestly surprising, well apart from Facebook’s number one position seeing that the platform has close to 10M monthly users in Kenya. Twitter is also not such a huge surprise, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT as they are popularly known) to have more than once flexed their muscle and influenced decisions both locally and internationally.

“World mzima Twitter, KOT ndio first bodi” – Nyashinski

The surprise comes in with Pinterest. Yeah, we knew Kenyans use Pinterest but we just didn’t think it was used this much. The discovery platform is ahead of Instagram and YouTube, how? We don’t know.

At the very bottom of the pyramid is a surprising platform. Tumblr. I would not be surprised if you had no clue what this platform is exactly but the microblogging seems to have attracted Kenyans’ attention.

Social Media STATS Kenya

In comparison to other African countries, Facebook still remains to be the most popular platform in the continent. However, YouTube sneaks into second place, pushing behind Twitter which also comes behind Pinterest on the continental scale.

Which of these platforms do you use the most?

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