Everything You Need To Know About PUBG New 6.2 Update On PC

PUBG PC 6.2 Update
Image courtesy PUBG

The latest big content update for PUBG PC is now live everywhere. The update is expected to spread across to Xbox One and PS4 players quite soon. With every update, of course, the update 6.2 brings in quite a number of changes to the game from what we have been used to previously.

The major highlight of this current update though would be the new team deathmatch mode. This allows for eight-on-eight gunfights across seven different arenas taken from the game’s maps. Players of the game’s mobile version will obviously be familiar to the mode that has been there for months.

Either of the teams gets a chance of victory after 50 kills of which you have ten minutes to accomplish that. If none of the teams gets to get to 50, the one with the most kills wins. The whole match gets to three rounds of which a team needs to win at least two.

Players can also respawn at any given time and earn points for both kills and assists. These points can then be used to restore health if you go for a while without receiving any damage. There are no knockdowns or friendly fire.

Interestingly, changes have also been made to the blue zone where the distortion effect has been gotten rid of. Instead, a brighter light has been added to the bottom to show the edge more clearly.

PUBG PC 6.2 update

Image courtesy Gamespot

There’s a new parachute follow feature too, so you can select a teammate in the plane and ensure that you land together. This should lead to fewer separations in the initial mad scramble.

Plenty of other small tweaks have been made beyond these highlights, too–for more, look over theĀ full patch notes.

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