Safaricom Announces New 0110 and 0111 Phone Numbers

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The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) a few months back licensed telcos to use new prefix 01 on their phone numbers. Preceding Kenya’s largest telco Safaricom, Airtel was first to launch theirs back in August 2019 allowing customers to get numbers under the prefixes 0100, 0101, 0102.

Safaricom has now announced the availability of the new numbers for their customers. Safaricom customers will now have the option to get the prefixes 0110 or 0111. Alongside the new prefix, Safaricom has also rolled out a new numbering system that allows customers to choose their own number rather than pre-assigned mobile phone numbers.

“The new 0110 and 0111 prefixes alongside our new numbering system are part of our “For You” commitment to be Simple, Transparent and Honest. We continue to invest in additional enhancements and services to better meet the needs of our customers as they evolve and to also provide them with even more freedom and flexibility,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

The new numbers are available at all Safaricom Shops for free with the only requirement being the purchase of 50 bob airtime to activate the line.

So far Safaricom has the following phone numbers prefixes 070*, 071*, 072*, 074*, 0757, 0758, 0759, 0768, 0769, 079* and now the new ones, 0110 and 0111.

With the new numbers, Safaricom aims to add around 2 million new customers to its already existing 34.5 million subscribers.

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